زنگ بیدارباش/ روایت زمین‌شناس ایرانی آکادمی علوم نیویورک از زلزله تهران؛ پیش‌لرزه یا یک زلزله اصلی؟

Translation from: Click here to read the response from the Director of the Iranian Seismological Centre جامعه > حوادث – مانوئل بربریان، زمین شناس ایرانی در آمریکا، دکترای زمین‌شناسی از دانشگاه کمبریج و عضو …

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Optimum Seismic

Since 1984, the team at Optimum Seismic has been making California cities safer, performing full-service seismic retrofit engineering and construction services on multifamily residential, commercial and industrial buildings throughout the state.

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Saunders Seismic Construction

Saunders Construction specializes in seismic retrofitting for all types of commercial and historical buildings, prevention and repair of damage from roof condensation, and a variety of necessary and proactive structural repairs.

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Peace of Mind Structural

Peace of Mind Structural is licensed General Contractor company. We have been helping customers with structural issues such as drainage, earthquake retrofit, foundation, house re-leveling, and other general contractor work for over twenty years.

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CERT programs educate people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area, and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.

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PACO Steel

PACO Steel and Engineering Corp., with over 40 years experience in design and manufacturing, 
is dedicated to working with its customers in creating innovative solutions.


Taylor Devices Inc.

Taylor Devices seismic dampers are used to protect structures all over the world. Their dampers don’t degrade with age, are maintenance-free and don’t need service or inspection after a seismic event.