زنگ بیدارباش/ روایت زمین‌شناس ایرانی آکادمی علوم نیویورک از زلزله تهران؛ پیش‌لرزه یا یک زلزله اصلی؟

Translation from: Click here to read the response from the Director of the Iranian Seismological Centre جامعه > حوادث – مانوئل بربریان، زمین شناس ایرانی در آمریکا، دکترای زمین‌شناسی از دانشگاه کمبریج و عضو …

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Optimum Seismic

Since 1984, the team at Optimum Seismic has been making California cities safer, performing full-service seismic retrofit engineering and construction services on multifamily residential, commercial and industrial buildings throughout the state.

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Saunders Seismic Construction

Saunders Construction specializes in seismic retrofitting for all types of commercial and historical buildings, prevention and repair of damage from roof condensation, and a variety of necessary and proactive structural repairs.

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Peace of Mind Structural

Peace of Mind Structural is licensed General Contractor company. We have been helping customers with structural issues such as drainage, earthquake retrofit, foundation, house re-leveling, and other general contractor work for over twenty years.