Advancing our understanding of the severe seismic threat in the Philippines

Mario A. Aurelio, Ph.D., of the University of the Philippines, discusses recent devastating earthquakes in the Philippines, an incredibly seismically active part of the world. A Q&A moderated by Temblor CEO Ross Stein follows.

Presented on Wednesday, February 21, 2024




One Month Later: The New Year’s Day Magnitude 7.5 Noto-Hanto, Japan, Earthquake

Preceded by an intense swarm, the Noto-Hanto earthquake caused extreme shaking, coastal uplift, tsunami, liquefaction and landslides. What does this tell us about seismic hazard assessment? Temblor CEO, Ross S. Stein, Ph.D. presents this webinar, featuring work by Professor Shinji Toda of Tohoku University.

Presented on January 31, 2024




What do the 2023 Türkiye earthquakes mean for California?

Temblor co-founders Ross S. Stein, Ph.D., and Volkan Sevilgen, M.Sc. discuss the Feb. 2023 Turkey earthquakes from the perspective of California’s future seismicity.

Presented on June 21, 2023




The Turkey-Syria Earthquake Sequence: Seismic hazard, earthquake interaction, aftershock forecasts, and the toll on life and loss

Temblor’s CEO, Ross Stein, gave a talk at the Center for Earthquake Research and Information and the Department of Earth Sciences at The University of Memphis.

Presented on Feb. 17, 2023




How megathrust earthquakes change seismic risk and impact insurance markets for decades

A webinar for the insurance, reinsurance, and ILS communities

Presented on July 11,2022




New Earthquake Model for the Marmara Region, Turkey

Temblor’s CTO, Volkan Sevilgen, will give a talk at the 2021 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.

Live version to be presented on Dec. 17, 2021




Megathrust aftershocks undergo a central shutdown and surrounding activation

Temblor’s CEO, Ross Stein, will give a talk at the 2021 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.

Live version to be presented on Dec. 17, 2021




How do earthquake converse?

Temblor’s CEO, Ross Stein, was invited to speak at Willis Research Network: 15 years of Science for Resilience.

Presented on May 19, 2021




Asia Pacific Seismic Risk viewed through a Global Lens

Temblor’s CEO, Ross Stein, was invited by the International Society of Catastrophe Managers (ISCM) to share his thoughts on Asia-Pacific Seismic Risk.

Presented on April 27/28, 2021