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Temblor, Inc. is a catastrophe modeling company specializing in seismic hazard and risk assessment. Founded in 2014 by former USGS scientists Ross Stein and Volkan Sevilgen, Temblor’s mission is to raise awareness of seismic risk. We serve the insurance, reinsurance and insurance-linked security communities, and mortgage lenders.

Temblor is different from other cat modelers. Our models build on recent published and independently-tested scientific analyses to provide an independent, unbiased, and transparent assessment of risk. Our products include dynamic hazard and loss forecasts after large earthquakes; the first globally consistent insurance loss model; stochastic event sets; and the highest-resolution global site amplification model available today. Additionally, we calculate a building-level Temblor Earthquake Score, which folds in all factors that impact loss into one number for risk pricing and selection.

Temblor provides both its clients and the public with accurate, accessible, and understandable information about earthquakes. Temblor Earthquake News publishes breaking earthquake news, in-depth analyses, and expert reporting on the latest developments in natural hazards research. Our articles are written by scientists, science journalists, and leading international researchers.

Temblor Earthquake News gives both the public and industry clients access to breaking earthquake news, in-depth analyses and expert reporting on the latest developments in earthquake science

Temblor Earthquake News


最近的6.6级地震发生在青藏高原东北缘。研究发现这次地震增加了未来在附近发生大地震的可能性。   By 彭志刚(佐治亚理工学院地球与大气科学学院)刘静(天津大学地球系统科学学院)邓阳凡(中国科学院深地科学卓越中心); 远田静次(日本东北大学国际灾害科学研究所)   引用:Peng, Z., Liu-Zeng, J., Deng, Y., Toda, S., 2022, Strong earthquake increases seismic hazard in Qinghai, China, Temblor, http://doi.org/10.32858/temblor.230   This article is also …