Earthquake strikes Utah amid COVID-19 pandemic

By Tiegan Hobbs, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Seismic Risk Scientist, Temblor (@THobbsGeo) As residents prepared for a pandemic, a magnitude-5.7 quake shook Salt Lake City, causing a chemical spill in the nearby …

Shaking on Mars Results in Good Vibrations On Earth

By Tiegan Hobbs, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Seismic Risk Scientist, Temblor (@THobbsGeo) After a year of operating, the largest marsquakes recorded by NASA’s InSight Lander are associated with a nearby volcanic province: …

How Apollo 11s moonquakes changed our understanding of earthquakes

Apollo 11 was the first step for humankind, and a giant leap for seismology. Landing and deploying seismic sensors on the moon required significant advances in instrumentation and shaped the study of earthquakes. Now we know that both planets host tidally triggered earthquakes.

Terremoto en El Salvador: Un Evento Moderado en un Área de Riesgo Sísmico Extremo

Debido a su ubicación costa afuera y una profundidad moderada, el temblor del jueves provocó pocos daños. Pero varios indicios sugieren que la suerte de El Salvador no durará por mucho más. Este evento también resalta el creciente número de terremotos extensionales grandes: una tendencia global con implicaciones de peligro importantes.

El Salvador Earthquake: A Moderate Event in An Area of Extreme Seismic Risk

Because of its offshore location and moderate depth, Thursday’s shock did little damage. But many indications suggest that El Salvador will not stay so lucky for long. This event also highlights the increasing number of large extensional earthquakes: a global trend with important hazard implications.

How good is earthquake early warning?

By Elisabeth Nadin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Alaska Fairbanks   New research reveals that Earthquake Early Warning networks provide a timely warning of impending shaking more often than not. …