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About Palert

Palert+ is an earthquake P-wave alarm detector system made by San Lien, which is based in Taiwan. The system is designed to give users the ability to react prior to experiencing a major earthquake. Developed by Professor Yih-Min Wu at the National Taiwan University, Palert+ can, within seconds determine the size of an earthquake based on detected P-waves, allowing people at least a few seconds to react, which can be vital in a large earthquake. By using both MEMS and Geophone sensors, Palert+ provides exceptional detection giving warning as well as detailed information about the earthquake.

Palert is currently in use in Taiwan, New Zealand, China, Mexico, and India. In Taiwan, the system was supported by the local government, and most devices were places in elementary schools around the country. This was done to take advantage of power and internet connectivity, as well as to protect the children, and educate them about earthquake hazard mitigation. With over 500 units around the country, the system has been thoroughly tested and has yielded positive results. Depending on distribution, Palert has the capability to be either a stand-alone local or networked regional earthquake early warning (EEW) system.



Palert uses

Palert is aimed at being a cost-effective option for businesses to protect both essential infrastructure and employees from the hazards of earthquakes. Palert can be integrated into existing systems to partially or completely shut down critical equipment that could be damaged in an earthquake. Additionally, Palert can be set to activate alarms, alerting employees of impending earthquakes, allowing them to take necessary precautions.

Some example applications include:

• Hospitals and schools

• Water pumping and distribution centers

• Subways, trams, and trains

• Waste control


Inquiries and purchases

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