Temblor will be presented to Gavin Newsom at a public event on Feb 11

Upcoming Event with Temblor presentation

“Innovations in Earthquake Preparedness” event will be held at UC Berkeley with Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom at 1-3 pm on February 11; all are welcome

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom championed earthquake safety as Mayor of San Francisco, and as Lt. Governor, remains committed to seismic resilience for all Californians. In 2009, he launched the hugely successful mandatory retrofit program for the City: “Although there is no such thing as an earthquake-proof building, engineers agree that proper seismic retrofitting can give buildings a fighting chance against a sizeable earthquake. Now we must act decisively to protect our homes and workplaces.”

Gavin Newsom
Gavin Newsom will speak at “Innovations in Earthquake Preparedness,” a public event in Banatao Auditorium, UC Berkeley, on February 11 at 1-3 pm

The other speakers will be:

• Ross Stein, CEO and cofounder of http://temblor.net, who is also Consulting Professor of Geophysics at Stanford University, and cofounder of the Global Earthquake Model (GEM Foundation).

• Ken Goldberg, architect of http://quakecafe.org/, who is also Director of the CITRIS People and Robots Initiative, Professor in the College of Engineering, Art Practice, and School of Information, UC Berkeley, and Professor, Radiation Oncology, UC San Francisco

• Amina Assefa, Manager of UC Berkeley’s Office of Emergency Management. Amina worked extensively in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans and Oakland are about the same size and character, providing invaluable experience for the next large Hayward fault quake, which looms on the horizon.

• Peggy Hellweg, Project Manager for the Earthquake Early Warning activities of the Seismological Lab of UC Berkeley, and is also a Commissioner on the California Seismic Safety Commission, which focuses on the seismic needs of the state, and promotes regulations, economic recovery, and home sale seismic disclosure.

You can check your seismic risk at Temblor.net for free