Ongoing Earthquake Swarm near Nevada-Oregon Border Suggests Creep on the Guano Valley Fault

Some 237 earthquakes occurred in the last 30 days

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Earthquake swarm near Nevada Pregon border

1915 Pleasant Valley earthquake with magnitude 7, occurred 150 miles to the southeast of the earthquake swarm

The largest quake so far is M=4.2. This is probably a seismic swarm associated with fault creep. Both nearby faults are caused by Basin and Range stretching, and are inclined (‘dip’) to the west, with very low slip rates (<0.2 mm/yr). The strain rate and seismic hazard are low, but are higher 20 miles to the west along the Surprise Valley fault. The closest large quake this century struck 150 miles to the southeast, in the 1915 M=7 Pleasant Valley event.

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