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Who we are

Seismic Safety is a respected and reliable Earthquake retrofit company in Southern California. We have been around the longest, more than 50 years. Seismic Safety has seen virtually every type of residential structural issue, serving 20,000 properties just since 1995.

Our work ensures the longevity of your home’s structural integrity.

We make homes safer in the case of Earthquakes, we also repair and install foundations (an integral part of the structure), and mitigate slope and drainage issues on your property. Because the majority of this type of special construction work takes place beneath a home, many home owners come to us as victims of unscrupulous contractors, to fix or check the work of other so-called Earthquake Retrofit “experts”. In 57 years, we’ve never heard of any customer using another company to “fix” our work.

Our process Is Simple

1.Schedule an Appointment – Receive our Industry’s most Comprehensive and Accurate Report Our inspectors generally complete their thorough report with findings, photos, and any work recommendations usually within 48 hours after we inspect the property. Sometimes sooner.

2.Our defensible, workable Inspection Report gives you the credible information you need to learn the state of your home’s earthquake hazard safety and/or foundation integrity with solid solutions.

3.We guide you through our work process, and price your unique job without embellishing or diminishing our recommendations for you.

4.We can provide you with direct customer referrals, guarantee our work, and credit back any inspection fees if you choose us to be your contractor.

Who we help

Property Owners

We perform a thorough corner to corner inspection of your property to determine of the underlying issues and status of the current conditions. Our expert project managers work alongside you to explain their findings, help identify the most pressing issues and suggest affordable solutions to offer you the best return for your investment.

Contractors – Referral Network

In many instances, the issue of Earthquake Retrofit or structural integrity develops during the process of other major construction projects. These elements can require a full team of professionals to with we proudly work alongside. We have cultivated relationships based on mutual respect for the work of many of the region’s top Structural Engineers, Architects, Building Inspectors and other Foundation experts. We provide sub-contractor work and expertise, and can recommend some of the best to you.

Real Estate Agencies/Brokers – Home Buyers and Sellers

For the last 20 years, our project managers have been evaluating properties for real estate agents and performing upgrade work for home sellers and buyers. Our assurance lets people know more about the structural integrity and retrofit condition during the sales process.

Whether your client is buying or selling a home, we give them the peace of mind to know whether their home is fully retrofitted, and what if anything elsemay need to be addressed in the foundation. Today in Southern California, Earthquake Retrofitting or House Bolting is a keen selling point. It can help sway a buyer to purchase your client’s home over another. A seller can justify their asking price knowing their home is better able to withstand an earthquake and free of other foundational hazards.

Insurance Agents and Home Assessors

As certified Earthquake damage and mitigation experts, Seismic Safety’s inspections and recommendations help insurance companies and residential property assessors. We dedicate expert staff to service corporate-owned, residential properties. Seismic Safety has a proven track record working with triple A rated insurance companies to accurately, fairly and defensibly assess a home’s structural condition.

Cities served: Altadena, La Canada, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, Glendale

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