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Miyamoto International is a global earthquake structural engineering and project management company providing critical services that sustain industries and safeguard communities around the world. We are experts in delivering earthquake structural engineering and high-performance engineering that reduce lifecycle costs and produce a positive net impact on a structure’s operation. Our broad spectrum of services can be deployed to meet engineering needs or brought together to tackle the complex challenges inherent in pre- and post-disaster environments. Built on decades of earthquake and structural engineering experience in the field, our expertise supports how clients address the economic, political, socio-cultural, sustainability and technical challenges involved in risk reduction and post-disaster recovery. Miyamoto businesses are strategically located worldwide in earthquake-prone regions to impact economies and save lives.

We have offices in Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Reno, Washington, D.C., Costa Rica, Colombia, Haiti, Liberia, Italy, Turkey, India, Nepal, Japan and New Zealand. Seismic engineering services we provide include:

• Seismic retrofitting

• Assessment, analysis and peer review

• High-performance engineering

• Disaster response and recovery


Our Mission

Make the world a better, safer place.

Our Purpose

Save Lives, Impact Economies

Our Vision

Be the undisputed global leader in earthquake structural engineering, high-performance engineering and project management. Take bold actions to fortify business, enrich communities and safeguard humanity. Positively impact society as a 1,000-person firm with business units strategically positioned around the globe.


Miyamoto Relief

Miyamoto Relief is a registered nonprofit that applies engineering expertise to sustain life in at-risk communities around the world. Our focus is on seismically upgrading schools to safeguard the lives of those most vulnerable. Miyamoto Relief also works to preserve cultural heritage and historic structures. The entire history of a culture can be lost in a few seconds of an earthquake.


Our Work

Miyamoto International’s team of structural engineers utilizes its in-depth experience to provide public and private-sector clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions. Our leadership possesses extensive knowledge across multiple market sectors in diverse areas such as disaster response, risk engineering, education, transportation, healthcare, civic projects and risk assessment. Miyamoto International provides clients with high-quality services in a variety of practice areas.

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Miyamoto International engineered an innovative structural retrofit solution for the LAX Theme Building by adding 1.2 million pounds of steel mass at the roof cavity, which is supported by base isolators and dampers. This approach created a tuned mass damper to reduce seismic demand.


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