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About us

QuakePrepare provides earthquake preparedness products and services to San Francisco Bay Area homeowners who want to know what to do before, during, and after a serious earthquake.
For services, see below.

Larry Guillot is an earthquake preparedness expert in Northern California who provides in-home consultations.

Larry was featured in SFGate. Click Here to read the article from 8 years ago.


Website: Click Here

Phone: 510-292-6571

Email: larry@QuakePrepare.com




Our services

QuakeConsult: Evaluating your existing retrofit or the need for a new one

• You will learn how well your house is seismically connected to the
foundation. Your home has been retrofitted? Maybe. Many of the retrofits
I’ve seen are incomplete or incorrect.

• You will learn the safest places to be in each room of your home during a
serious quake. Every house is different, and that’s the advantage of our consulting service: we’re seeing things together, I’m answering questions, and you end up with knowledge you can act on, giving you the peace of mind you need.

• With the consult, you will learn which appliances and furniture are unsafe. I’ll walk with you through the house, room by room, and we’ll discuss everything. I’ll answer your questions, so that when we’re finished, you will know what you need to secure.

• My fee is usually $345 – somewhat higher in the peninsula.

QuakeValves: Installing an automatic gas shutoff valve

• Our plumber will come to your home and install an automatic gas shut-off
valve at your gas meter. We have installed over 4,000 shut-off valves in the past 14 years, and our price is consistently $100 – $200 less than other plumbers. Our price for a standard installation in the east bay is $275 – somewhat higher elsewhere.

• Why have an automatic gas shut-off valve? Fire damage is one of the major
results of large quakes. If you happen not to be at home when a big quake hits, you’ll be happy to know that the gas has been shut down to your house. These valves are the cheapest fire insurance there is!

QuakeSecure: Securing furniture, appliances, and wall hangings

We refer you to a professional securing team, who will come to your home, make a list of everything you want secured, and give you a bid for the work. These people are very good and we’ve gotten excellent feedback about their work.


Website: Click Here

Phone: 510-292-6571