David Jacobson, M.Sc.

David Jacobson has a M.Sc. in Geology from the University of Canterbury, in Christchurch, New Zealand. Christchurch has become the world epicenter for the consequences of liquefaction, making David the perfect person to scour the United States for liquefaction, landslide, and fault data for the Temblor app. His GIS and field geology skills only increase his value to the team. David received Academic Distinction and the Albert Ripley Leeds Memorial Prize in Geology at Whitman College, where he received his B.A., and he is a recipient of an Earthquake Commission Scholarship and a Mason Trust Scholarship at the University of Canterbury. David is a distance runner and an avid ultimate frisbee player and was a two-time national champion while in New Zealand.

contact: david@temblor.net


Bastin, S., Bassett, K., Quigley, M., Maurer, B., Green, R.A., Bradley, B., Jacobson, D. (2016), Late Holocene liquefaction at sites of contemporary liquefaction during the 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquake Sequence, New Zealand, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, doi: BSSA-D-15-00166. [Link]

Jacobson, David (2015), Tectonic Geomorphology and Paleoseismology of the Lake Heron Fault, New Zealand. University of Canterbury. M.Sc. Thesis. [Link]