Quake Readiness LLC


Customized, on-site consulting and coaching in earthquake preparedness

to individuals, families, small businesses and more.

Serving nine counties in the greater Bay Area.


Custom-Tailored Solutions

• Quake readiness consulting and coaching

• On-site walkthroughs with observations and recommendations, including—

Where to shelter in each room

What needs to be secured and how to do it

How and when to shut off gas, water and electricity

… and more

• Customized, written reports and recommendations — with hyperlinks to recommended items

• Video sweep of the property for insurance documentation

• Assistance in finding mitigation specialists, structural and geotechnical engineers, retrofitting contractors and earthquake insurance providers

• Full-service turnkey supply procurement and setup

• Readiness seminars, workshops and Friend-and-Family Coffee Klatches


“Like many Bay Area two-parent working

families, we knew we needed to get ready for

the Big One, but had no time and no particular

expertise in disaster readiness. Sarah provided

everything we needed to get our home and

family ready. Now I have peace of mind!”



Perhaps you have made some preparations: bought some water, or chosen a communications liaison from outside the area, or stored some canned goods. But you did not finish….

Or maybe you are new to the area and know you should probably do something, but you aren’t sure exactly what.

Perhaps you feel fairly well prepared, yet want to know what you may be missing.

It would be our pleasure to address your specific and unique situation and help you to become quake ready. Call or write today for an estimate. Several service levels are available to suit every budget.



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