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Preparing for a disaster is best viewed as a process rather than a quick one-and-done. It takes time, energy and resources to do the things experts tell us we should do to adequately prepare for a major natural disaster.

This is not to say, however, that it cannot be done, because it can! The secret, like so many things in life, is to break it down into manageable — and realistic — component parts.

Often it just takes a helping hand from someone who has gone before. That’s where Quake Readiness LLC steps in.

It would be our pleasure to address your specific and unique situation and help you to become quake ready.

Call today for an estimate. Several service levels are available to suit every budget.

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Our Services

• On-site walkthroughs with observations and recommendations.

• Written reports of findings and recommendations for each property and situation.

• Assistance in finding professional structural and geotechnical engineers, retrofitting contractors and earthquake insurance providers.

• Presentations to schools, companies, neighborhood and business associations, faith communities and other groups.

• Full-service turnkey procurement and setup.


Custom-Tailored Solutions

• Attending to the client’s specific concerns and needs.

• Addressing site-specific issues of hazard mitigation.

• Advising when professionals should be called in.

• Planning for clients to shelter in place.

• Considering shelter sites and evacuation routes.

• Applying best practices to helping clients prepare.

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Email: info@quakereadiness.com

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