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PACO Steel and Engineering Corp., with over 40 years experience in design and manufacturing, 
is dedicated to working with its customers in creating innovative solutions. PACO Steel 
specializes in the design and manufacture of Intermediate Gauge Structural Sections which are used in column, joist, header and long span applications as well as moment and shear frame systems. PACO also offers the largest selection of Mini, Corrugated, and Custom 
manufactured sections. PACO sections bridge the gap between multi-ply LGS and wide flange beam shapes, combining superior deflection and load capacities with ease of use in typical LGS and wood framed projects.

For years, PACO has been the premier supplier of lightweight steel beams to the manufactured 
housing, recreational vehicle, load-bearing light-gauge housing, and light to medium 
construction industries. PACO revolutionized the steel beam market with the introduction 
of the PACO Beam and Corrugated Beam (patent). The combined lightweight and 
high-strength engineered steel has proven to be ideal for industries that require a steel section that is strong, light and durable.

The company operates the only Beam Line in North America that utilizes High Frequency 
Electric Resistance Forging Process. This high technology precision process ensures the 
highest quality products and allows unlimited ability to custom manufacture “I” and “T” 
shaped structural members of various gauges, widths and depths in small quantities. 
This translates to an ideal structural I-beam solution that is high-strength, lightweight, 
economical and optimized for the application.




PACO Steel and Engineering Corp. has developed a state-of-the-art, pre-engineered, pre-fabricated and cost-effective special Moment Frame to resist both lateral and gravity loads. Special Moment Frames allow the architect to design large clear openings and provides the Engineer of Record a frame capable of maintaining structural integrity.

Using PACO Steel’s lightweight sections, for the SMF, the installation is fast, performed by the standard framing crew (no welders), fits into standard 2×4 or 2×6 wood walls and is less expensive than site-built wide flange moment frames. PACO Moment Frames are compatible with wood, LGS or heavy structural framing systems.

An example PACO Steel Moment Frame used at a Starbucks. (Photo from: PACO Steel)



Fast Installation And No Welding for Lateral Loads With High Magnitude.

PACO Steel and Engineering Corp. has also developed a pre-engineered, pre-fabricated and cost-effective bolted together Special Concentric Braced Frame (SCBF) to resist lateral loads with higher magnitude.

PACO Special Concentric Braced Frames are designed in accordance with chapter F of AISC 341-10 seismic provisions. All connections will be bolted which allows fast installation in the field and eliminates the need for welding.Concentric Braced Frame systems tend to be more economical than eccentrically braced frames in terms of material, fabrication and erection costs. They are typically located in the walls that occur in the core area around stair and elevator shafts. This generally allows for greater architectural flexibility in placement and configuration of exterior windows and claddings.

Special Concentric Braced Frames may be utilized in dual systems togeth-er with special moment frames in all seismic design categories with no limitation in the building height. This gives EOR the benefit of using a value of 7 for response modification factor (R=7). PACO will provide the EOR, calculations, submittal documents and detail drawings for the Special Concentric Braced Frames and their attachments to the foundation. This will reduce design time for the engineer and provide a cost-effective solution for lateral loads with higher magnitude.

Photo from: PACO Steel



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Other Smart Solutions

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Green Solutions

ReUse, ReCycle, ReNew

PACO Steel and Engineering Corp. manufactures Electric Resistance Welded and Corrugated Beams from hot rolled steel coils supplied by both Mini-Mills and Integrated Mills. Depending on the supplier, the process, the current price of scrap and other factors, the recycled contents of our beam will vary.

Most mini-mill steel manufacturers use Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) process to produce their steel. The EAF process uses electricity to make steel out of scrap steel. Their scrap or recycled content approaches 100 percent.

Most steel manufacturers use a Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) process to produce their steel. The BOF process uses a combination of iron ore and scrap. Their scrap or recycled content generally ranges from 25 to 35 percent.


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